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  • Terrific communication throughout the process. I was very pleased and would recommend this service. ~ME G

  • Fast answers & completion! I could not imagine a better way to present my song. Thanks a lot! ~Frank Topper

  • Super fast answers and completion! I could not imagine a better way to present my song. Thanks a lot! ~Cameron Hill

  • Loved the enthusiasm & enjoyment for the work. Quick service for the quality. Made a fantastic video. ~Wellfear

  • Attentive to my notes and revisions for Spirit of Christmas Time and the process was fun! ~Natalie Brown

We deliver impactful results

Lyrics videos have become the most popular way to release music on YouTube.

Viewers love the Idea of hearing the song for the first time while learning the lyrics along with it! At ViratxStudio we take them a step further by creating a fun cartoon styled video that is ideal for engaging the viewers as well as entertain them. 


We help the artist to communicate their message effectively with hand drawn Doodles.

We create an engaging story-line to make the lyric video heart touching and mesmerizing! The added visual ornaments of custom, hand drawn elements help the viewers to remember the song and makes them want to hear it again and again.



I've got over 2 million views of my Doodle Videos on YouTube. Check out my lyric videos for Taylor Swift, Jason Mraz, Passenger and more!

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